Working Across Time Zones: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

Adopting asynchronous communication enables each individual to stay well informed about the projects they are working on and changes that need to be made when building products. Having teams across time zones is the greatest investment any company could venture into. Different perspectives and broad ideas can move the company’s vision forward and scale up the business by a considerable margin. There are certain disadvantages or challenges that come with having a team across time zones. It’s important to create a sense of community and culture beyond borders. Thanks to conference calling and video chat, this can be fostered through social meetings.

  • However, from a business standpoint, it is hard to argue against operating across multiple time zones.
  • Use tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello, or Notion to keep everyone connected, organized, and updated on the latest project developments.
  • If you have a large distributed team, you might not need to try so hard to stay connected.
  • Diversity and inclusion drive innovation and positively impact overall business targets within remote companies that span across time zones.
  • If you search for the current time in most major cities around the world, you’ll get the answer right at the top of your results.

Teams exchange messages with one other without expecting a response right away. Employees can give each response the time and attention it deserves when they take a break to check their messages. Employees may work independently, uninterrupted, and more productively as a result of this.

Use time zones to your team’s or client’s benefit

Don’t miss our evergreen list of how to pack for a remote work trip, for anywhere in the world. That might mean you can move to a city where it’s easier to start a family, or extend your „vacation“ to a few months on the beach each year. You might even find time to visit some of the incredible cities on Nomad List while still contributing your all to your team. If you search for the current time in most major cities around the world, you’ll get the answer right at the top of your results. More recently, Google added a time calculator to search so you can look up what time it will be in a certain place. Here are some popular ways to use Slack with app automation tool Zapier to automatically share activity in your channels so everyone knows what’s going on.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to switch meeting schedules every month or quarter. This ensures that no single team is forced to make constant sacrifices to stay linked. It may also cause everyone to plan a meeting across time zones when they’re the ones working unusual hours. It’s nearly hard to arrange everyone to meet at the same time without inconveniencing someone if you don’t have team members working in overlapping time zones. One person will have to regularly get up too early or stay online too late. A common drawback to managing a team that operates across time zones is the lack of space for sharing insight about work progress.

Communicate clearly about timezone boundaries with your team.

This can make it challenging to schedule meetings and collaborate on projects. For freelancers and anyone working remotely, there are many challenges for working with clients or coworkers in different time zones. In fact, one of the aspects of the job that freelancers have the most trouble with is working to accommodate multiple time zones, and figuring out how to overcome time zone differences. Teams in traditional office settings sometimes measure productivity by how long each team member spends at their desk. But remote teams can fall into the „I’m online, so I’m being productive“ trap, too. A time shift, though, forces you to show what you’ve actually accomplished, since few others were there to see if you were logged in all day.

working in different time zones

International teams can benefit from the variety of virtual tools available, from messaging apps to cloud storage solutions. Explore the available options and consider which tools will work best for your team. Either way, agree on how employees mark their daily hours on a public calendar. Thus they don’t get assignments for hours outside those they’ve agreed to work. Colleagues working irregular schedules can also benefit from reminders on their phones telling them when they’ve completed their eight hours of work for the day. One of my favorite stories about time zones comes from a flight I booked in 2012.

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Work From Home Office Upgrades For Remote Work

With more & more companies adopting a remote work model, the tips & tools will help you achieve success while working remotely with teams in different time zones. Read to know more to find out the best practices and working remotely tips and tools. While it may seem overkill to hire a person solely dedicated to this, it’s a mistake to think that you can simply take what was working in the office. Or in overlapping time zones, and copy and paste it onto a truly distributed team.

working in different time zones

„It puts a little pressure on you to get your work done,“ says TechCrunch’s Russell. „They worked the night shift while my team in Redmond worked days,“ Berkun says. „If I planned well, we’d find magic in going to bed frustrated by a missing puzzle piece, and waking to find it in our inbox. It was like having a friend in the future.“ Cultural diversity means people with different origins, different upbringing, traditions and ways of life. These differences more often than not translate directly into different ways to approach and solve problems at work. Transparency in your goals has the added benefit of providing management with visibility into the work, without having to jump on those „checking up on you“ calls.

Be a master of knowing which countries change clocks, and which don’t

Adopting an official time zone means everyone will set and communicate meetings or deadlines with the same time zone, regardless of where they’re located. This can make it easier for employees to quickly know what the time difference is for their location. Of course, not everything is best when it comes to collaborating across multiple time zones. With such a big gap between certain time zones, remote teams will inevitably experience delayed responses and difficulty scheduling meetings. On many HubSpot marketing teams, if we schedule a meeting that requires people in other timezones to wake up early or stay up late, we try to be empathetic to those colleagues in some way.

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